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It's a brief story about the artist Emly Starr and her professional career.

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Let's start and see where we go to…

" DISCO QUEEN " OF THE BENELUX (Belgium-Netherlands-Luxembourg)
That's the title Emly Starr was given, but what's in a name…
Emly Starr, was born in Wetteren on the 5th of September 1957, and grew up in Laarne - Flanders - Belgium.

Several family-members had a link with music and genetically Emly was blessed
with these interests. At the age of 15 she performed already with several bands, and so she learned how to make the first steps on stage in front of different kind of audiences.

In 1975 she met singer-composer-producer Tony Winter alias Kick Dandy. He said "heaven must be missing an angel" when he saw the talented Emly for the first time at work, singing a composition of him for a sort of song contest. She's like a rough diamond, which only needs a bit of time and coaching to become a multi carat sparkling diamond.
A, still standing, "strong team" was formed.

Heidi, her previous artist name, was changed into "Emly Starr" and the first studio recordings followed quite quickly. Emly's natural talent and beauty, combined with unforced kindness, cleared the way in this new environment in no time. She worked hard and made fast progress.

The aim was to play on the international market. But considering that for a singer, certainly in that period, Flanders was not the perfect place to start from, so exceptional skills were needed as well as the right tools .

The best tool for a talented singer is a good original song and ditto production .


In 1977 for Emly the time had come to start with original songs and high level productions.

"No No Sheriff" was one of the first top-productions which was presented at the Midem in Cannes ( France 1978). While the song was playing in one of the booth's Tom Moulton ( Mixer of the famous Bee Gee's ) nearly accidentally started listening to it… " is this your song ? " he asked Tony "Yes, what can I do for you ?" Marcel De Keukelaer (well known Music Editor) took Tony aside and explained him who this man was…" It's really good… if you agree I'd like to remix it in Philadelphia …" Tom continued … They discussed a while, made a deal and a few weeks later Tony went with his multi-track-tape to the Sigma Sound studio's in Philadelphia. Together with Tom Moulton he made a second mix of "No No Sheriff".
This was a big step forward and very helpful to get distribution companies in different countries… Other original songs and top productions such as " Santiago lover " (Kick Dandy) and " Baby love me " (Kick Dandy) followed the same year… The train to success was running in the right direction and got more and more speed…

In order to make Emly's stage-act visually more interesting dancers were added. Emly Starr Explosion or ESE was the new extended name .

Also in 1978 a 35 mm film was made based on four songs, "Santiago Lovers"
In fact it was a compilation of four clips : "Santiago Lover"-"No No Sheriff"-"Cha Cha d'Amore" and "Baby Love me". The short film was released in 1979 and projected in the cinema's together with the new "James Bond - Moonraker".

New releases were selling good and a lot of international tours followed combined with TV-performances, photo shoots, new recordings, promotional acts, etc… such not only in parts of West and Eastern Europe but also in the land of the rising sun Japan where her so called Japanese brother Mr. Yasukazu Suga is still managing the market.


In 1980 Emly Starr made a remarkable performance at the " World Popular Song Festival " in Tokyo and won with " Mary Brown " an Outstanding Song Award !
"Mary Brown" a composition of "Kick Dandy".(Tony Winter)
Each time Emly Starr arrived at Tokyo airport (even during the night) a crowd of die-hard fans were waiting …

End 1980 the Belgian TV was starting to organize the pre selections for the " Eurovision song Contest " Tony was producing a new album for Emly and studio-musicians convinced him that " Emly Starr " would be the perfect artist to win these pre selections. Tony had made compositions for other candidates but if Emly also wanted to participate only a few hours were left to do so, because it was the last day candidatures were accepted… and a tape had to reach the Belgian TV before midnight !

" Samson and Delilah " was chosen out of the new production-songs and the Dutch lyrics where urgently made over the phone together with Penny Els. Emly sang the new version of " Samson " in one take… and a rough-mixed tape reached the Belgian TV a few minutes before midnight.

What in the first place was considered as a sort of joke, got serious.
In 1981, during the final pre selections for Eurovision on TV it was obvious… Emly became the absolute favorite of the professional jury and also the number "1" in the public opinion. Unanimous Emly was chosen to represent Belgium at the "Eurovision song contest" in Dublin.
The " Daily Mail " named Emly Starr " Lady Legs " inspired by her special outfit and ranked her in the top 3 !!!
BBC commentator Terry Wogan called her the most charming artist with one of the best voices of the Eurovision Song Contest

Emly & Tony preferred to have Pino Marchese (co-composer) as conductor for the live-orchestra. Only few people know that in that year artists could make a choice for the music ; either perform with live orchestra, either perform with music pre-recorded on tape (play-back) .
Although using a play-back tape is safer and sounds much better, Emly Starr agreed to do it fully live with orchestra.
During the rehearsals in Dublin she heart that most of the other artists were using play-back music and, together with her team, she realized that the wrong choice had been made.
Due to circumstances it was too late to change… she finally ended 13th.
The following years all candidates were using play-back music, and the option with live orchestra was cancelled…

For Emly Eurovision was just another experience… but perhaps people will remember her superb live-performance as one of the top moments of her career.


No time to stand still… new acts and another tour to Japan and Korea had to be prepared… so a few weeks later Emly Starr was " on the road again "

The shows of Emly were always more than just a singing act. Emly and Tony aimed to have a reflection of perfection in every part or detail of the performance. Timing, scenario, sound, lights, special effects, décor, choreography…only the best was good enough…

Based on that high level production philosophy they started a "special events" company offering services for other artists, TV productions, event organizers…

1983 - They produce two fantastic video clips, assisted by the well known film maker Stijn Coninx "The letter" and "Key to your heart". These clips were again progressive for that time but that's why they are still remarkably up to date…

Some time ago a TV-presentator-singer Yasmine called "Emly Starr" the "Kylie Minogue" of that period… Emly considers this as a nice compliment.

1985 - Emly was asked to act in a Belgian Movie "Springen". She plays the role of a singer (Erika) and sings the title-song "Jump in the dark" (Kick Dandy).

1986 - The release of "Jump in the dark"…
The record business had a hard time. Emly's "special event company" was already doing tours all over Europe and became more and more important… so Emly decided to put her career as a singer in stand-by. Since then Emly is doing only guest- performances for certain TV-programs and social benefit happenings …
Recently she made a live performance in duet with Salvatore Adamo for Rotary.

New horizons

Let's continue in the past… In 1988 the event company extended again and together with a new location "Globe Show Center" was born. Among other activities, TV-studio's and rehearsal halls were created in Denderleeuw near Brussels - Belgium.
In 1989 VTM a commercial TV-channel got started. "Globe Sow center" transformed one of her TV-studio's to host a new show-program and provide the technical support. Tony Winter creates the title " Tien Om Te Zien " …
Emly, being the perfect princess as a hostess, had the pleasure to welcome in her own studio's big international artists like Tom Jones, Tina Turner, Cliff Richard, Boney-M, Kool and the Gang,…

Tony Winter - Tom Jones - Emly Star

Tom Jones

Cool and the Gang

Cliff Richard

Boney M

Tina Turner

In 1994 a new big step for Emly… she gives birth to Julie…perhaps heaven is missing a talented angel again !!!

"Globe Show Center" is producing special events all over the world…and the studio's are rented out

Emly Starr is able to combine her private life and (show)-business in full harmony.
"It is a privilege" she preaches… while she's enjoying every "new challenge."

" thank you for visiting my site "


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